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How to Meet and Date Bisexual Singles in Michigan

bisexualityIf you’re bisexual or bi-curious, you may find it easy to blend in with the crowd, but how would you find another bisexual single to date? Because the bisexual population is relatively small, it could be challenging to meet and date bisexual singles. If you are uncomfortable going out as an openly bisexual individual or just prefer a convenient way to meet others like you, online dating is a great alternative to find bisexual people in Michigan, or anywhere else. Free bisexual dating sites like BiCupid offer a convenient way browse through many potential partners near you.


 Online Bisexual Dating Tips

Using BiCupid is a quick and easy way to create connections with various bisexual people. Simply create a free account, add information about yourself, and then chat with people you are interested in. To increase the chances of compatibility with a potential partner, you could search for specific people who match your desired traits including location, age, gender, weight, height and anything else. To increase the chances of finding a partner, follow these simple guidelines below.

  1. You should evaluate yourself honestly and know what type of partner you prefer. Keep your options open and don’t simply settle for someone right away. However, don’t appear too desperate. If you are unable to find your ideal partner, know that new potential ones will sign-up on a daily basis. You could also try other bisexual dating sites.
  2. Try to take well-lit, recent pictures of yourself both indoors and outdoors. Include pictures of your body and close-ups of your face. You may feel inclined to take glamour photos and “selfies”, but it is recommended to take pictures where you appear more natural.
  3. Be proactive and message more than just one person you are interested in, as there are many bisexual people in Michigan. Check your dating account often for any messages from others. However, if the person doesn’t reply back after a few days, he or she is most likely no interested so you should not spend any more time trying to get a response.
  4. Be clear about what your interests are and what type of person you want to date. Keep the description of yourself cheery and fun and others will be attracted to your positive attitude.
  5. Make sure you talk with the person on the phone before dating. Stay away from anyone who refuses to speak on the phone or repeatedly creates excuses for not being able to talk with you.
  6. If anyone asks too much private information about you including the location of your home or workplace, you should only give a general description for now.
  7. Be aware of fraudsters attempting to steal your identity. Obvious signs of fraudsters include frequently cancelling meetings and asking for things like personal information, money, sex, or racy photos.
  8. Always let a friend or relative know where you will go. Be sure to meet in a public area where you feel safe. If drinking, do not get overly drunk and keep an eye on your drink.
  9. If you have met with your potential match and the facts do not add up with the profile or the person appears generally deceptive or suspicious, you should stay away.
  10. Stay positive even if your date did not work out. Perhaps the person you met with turned out differently than what you expected. Sometimes two people just don’t click but there are many other singles for you.

 Local Bisexual Hangouts

Another great way to meet and date bisexual singles is to visit local bars and clubs. Here is a short list of popular hotspots where you can casually meet other bisexual people in Michigan:


Club Gold CoastLGBT_flag_map_of_Michigan

2971 E. 7-Mile Rd., (313) 366-6135


6920 W. Warren, (313) 584-6525

Grand Rapids


10 Fountain St., N.W., (616) 451-3800


Club Spiral

1247 Center St., (517) 371-3221

Ann Arbor

Aut Bar

315 Braun Ct., (734) 994-3677

Necto Nightclub

516 E. Liberty St., (734) 994-5436


State Bar

2512 Dort Hwy., (810) 767-7050


Metro Diner & Nightclub

411 N. Westnedge Ave., (269) 276-9240